TouchFreeze 1.1

Disables the touchpad of your laptop while writing
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Provides the possibility to disable your touchpad while you are writing in a document, or on a messenger. Basically, it removes the usually uncomfortable moments when you are a text to someone and your hand flips over the touchpad, so the mice arrow moves from your current typing area and places it somewhere else, thus making the mistake to write words incorrectly.

This is a very small but useful application that allows you to disable the touchpad of your laptop while typing. The program doesn't need configuration, it automatically detects when you are typing and disables the touchpad momentarily in order to avoid changing the position of the cursor, changing to another window or executing any unwanted action while typing and sliding your hand accidentally on the touchpad surface. The installation procedure is very simple, you only have to execute the downloaded file, accept to run the program in the security warning window, and accept to install the program on the selected folder or browse to select another one on the wizard setup. After installing the program, there will appear its icon in the system tray, by right-clicking on the icon you can load/unload TouchFreeze at system startup and exit the program. The program only requires 100kb of free space on the disk and 3Mb of RAM. The operating systems supported are: Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

Roberto Jimenez
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